Co-President: Jessie Aston

Raised in Cincinnati, Jessie Sinkula Aston is the
daughter of the company’s original founders, Joe
and Cindi Sinkula. Jessie is a dedicated leader that
is passionate about continuing the legacy of service
and quality that her parents began. In her current
position at Sinkula Investments, Ltd., Co., she is
oversees the performance and growth of Sinkula and
its stores, employee experience, including human
resources, recruiting, and training, and for local
marketing, and Sinkula Investments’ community and
charity involvement.
Prior to joining the Wendy’s organization in 2018,
Jessie Sinkula was with WaterAid as a Program
Manager, where she collaborated with teams in
Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste to improve
clean water access and education around sanitation
and hygiene. Jessie Sinkula Aston holds a master’s
degree in International Development from the
University of Melbourne in Australia and a bachelor’s
degree in International Affairs with a concentration in
economics from George Washington University.

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