HR / Training

From online courses to one on one trainings, Sinkula is dedicated to providing every employee the resources they need to succeed at their job. As one of the largest franchisees in the Northern Kentucky & Greater Cincinnati region, we believe in creating a system of recruitment, hiring, and development that fosters a positive work environment where employees can grow and excel.

Four Pillars of Training

Sinkula has a comprehensive system for training every new employee. We take the “four pillars” approach to training, which ensures that there are multiple levels of training to meet the learning needs of every individual and provide sufficient time and opportunity to understand our processes and systems.

-Learn -Watch -Test -Do
Comprehensive Training and Assessments

At Sinkula, we pride ourselves on providing every employee the resources and training they need to be successful. Below are several of the ways we support employees at every level:

WeLearn Education Platform:

WeLearn is an online education platform that provides a variety of training modules. Employees can independently access lessons and modules as they move through the onboarding process, ensuring each employee can decide when and where is the best time for them to learn about our business.

Technical Trainings:

Employees, especially new hires, learn the ins-and-outs of our business systems through on-site training at our restaurants. These hands-on sessions enable employees to have complete understanding of equipment, products, and customer service standards.

Leadership Skills Development:

Every quarter, Sinkula hosts a classroom-style education session for managers. Topics vary, but they often include skills that are important for business and personal growth, such as product marketing and financial education.

Ongoing Certification:

For employees interested in upper-level management opportunities, Sinkula provides a certification process that predicts on-the-job performance as well as opportunities for growth based on personal skills and talents.